Tim Hortons Is Giving the Gift of Edible Snowballs for One Day Only

Published 11-27-2018

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Tim Hortons has come out with a new wintery treat for its customers at three of its locations. The Canada-based chain has super-sized its signature Timbits - covering them in powdered sugar to look like perfectly round and fluffy snowballs - and will be offering them in very limited quantities in Michigan, New York and Ohio for just 24 hours.

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"Snowbits" as Tim Hortons is calling them, are three times the size of classic Timbits. These massive doughnut holes will be gifted as a two-pack to the first 12 guests who mention the word "Snowbits" on December 1 at three locations: Van Dyke Avenue in Warren, Michigan; Big Tree Road in Orchard Park, New York; and Broad Street in Whitehall, Ohio.

As per a press release, the brand is encouraging customers to have Snowbits fights and lob these massive doughnut orbs at each other or build a Snowbits snowman. After December 1, they will not be offered in Tim Hortons stores or online, so get yourself to Michigan, New York or Ohio ASAP. And if you think throwing doughnuts at someone is strange, you won't believe these 15 outrageous American holiday traditions.

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