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We started our 8-day epic road trip in Spokane, Washington, and experienced three exciting and extremely strenuous days exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks. We drove through Idaho to Glacier National Park and endured two more days of driving through Yellowstone National Park before we started the last leg of our trip to Yellowstone.

We drove through Glacier National Park, rented a car from Thrifty's at Spokane Airport and ended up in Spokane at the end of our trip. We have managed to circumnavigate the circle that includes all the above mentioned states in less than two weeks, with a total of 8 days of driving in Yellowstone and three days in Glacier National Park.

We agreed that Spokane would be the perfect place to spend a few days before we head for the glacier. Its obvious beauty, although obvious in its beauty, is not the easiest national park to explore. Although the Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are breathtaking, we couldn't complain because we spent so much time in the rural landscape, so one of the reasons we went to Spokane was to experience something with a little more urban flair. It proved to be a perfect picturesque mountain town to visit, and while the cascading mountains that separate the two cities are different, they both offer culturally intact tourism and leisure activities that visitors to Washington State appreciate.

We spent a few days in Spokane before heading to Glacier National Park, the largest national park in Washington state.

When we got tired of the tour, we headed to the nearest park bench or restaurant for a quick lunch and then took the route through the coolest part of Spokane. Coeur d'Alene, where you can stroll through the city centre and dip your toe in the Coeur lake D ' Oh, and dip a toe in the lake of Coeurs, you'll know what I mean. During our visit to Spokane, we walked along the path just before sunset, past the Looff Carousel building and back into the park.

About two hours southwest of Spokane is Spokane Falls, a 198-foot waterfall that attracts tourists from around the world. The 11,000-acre park, located nine miles northwest of Spokane, is the second largest in the state and a perfect place to spend a day or even a weekend outdoors. Just nine hours northwest of the city is an 11-mile hike through the Spokane National Forest, home to some of Washington's most popular hiking and biking trails. Spokane Falls consists of the Upper and Lower Falls separated by the Upper Falls Falls Dam, which generates hydropower for electricity customers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Spokane Flour Mill was originally opened in 1900 and served as the main mill of the City of Spokane until it closed in 1972.

Spokane is economically dependent on storage and transportation to make use of its location at the intersection of Interstate 90 and the Spokane River. Spokane is just off I-90 and is one of the best places to travel from Montana and Idaho west of Seattle to the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is only 4 hours away, but it really depends on whether you are looking for a major international airport, Spokane is close to the glacier and within reasonable distance by car. I would definitely consider flying to Spokane to visit Glacier National Park after a four-hour drive.

Visit the Spokane House interpretive center, which tells the stories of early Spokane residents, including the earliest residents. Entrance to the museum includes admission to the museum, which is located on the second floor of the old Spokane City Hall in downtown Spokane. Enjoy a visit to the Spokane Museum of Natural History (see this page in our Spokane Guide for more information). Some of the attractions include the Washington State Capitol, the U.S. Capitol and the National Park Service building.

Wandering around the atrium (pictured above) is one of the first things we did when we reached Spokane. We arrived in downtown Spokane at about 6 p.m. and spent several hours in Spokane before heading east to Sandpoint, Idaho. I packed the car and drove east and found myself at Spokane International Airport about 5: 30 p.m., about an hour and a half from the city.

The beauty of Spokane is that it is in the perfect location to explore a variety of other destinations, and of course it is a great opportunity to explore downtown, stay there overnight and then head south to Oregon. Take a moment to enjoy the true gems that make Spokane such a beautiful city and one of the best destinations in the entire state of Washington.

Spokane Falls may be the highlight of Riverfront Park, but there are many other reasons to visit the parks in downtown Spokane. Popular outdoor recreational destinations in Spokane include Spokane Falls Arboretum, Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Columbia River Gorge. If you visit Spokane for these reasons alone, you'll agree that it's a city worth exploring. Downtown Spokane has been easy to reach since the 1990s, and as you will see, it offers a variety of other reasons that will fascinate and possibly inspire you to visit downtown Spokane. If you are visiting for this reason, you should definitely agree with me that this is the best city in the state of Washington and worth a visit in the near future.

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More About Spokane