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If you're up for a visit to Spokane, Washington, let's discover and share some of the best things about Spokane. We will explore the most popular outdoor activities in and around Spokane, focusing on parks, hiking trails and outdoor recreation.

Check out the Riverfront Park event list for more information on what kids are doing in Spokane and learn more below. For more information about activities for kids and what to do with kids in and around Spokane, see our list.

For more ideas for Spokane activities, see our 100 Things to Do in Spokane book, where you can find more ideas for Spokane activities. If you know other things you can do in and around Spokane, WA, please add them in the comments below.

We hope this list of activities in Spokane will help you and your family plan a great trip, and don't forget to learn more about all the things you can do in Spokane for free or for free in our list of 100 activities. We are skiers and want to add skiing to our Spokane checklist of fun things. This list is just a small sample of the fun you or your families can have in the Spokane area.

You can hike, bike, train jump and other fun things to do in Spokane during your visit. Those who want to spend some money can take the closed cable car to the top of the waterfalls, where you can ride for free. The views of Spokane Falls are impressive and should not be missed, see for yourself and enjoy the spectacular views from the closed cable car of Skyline Park. Walk down to Riverfront Park and the university district along the Spokane River, and enjoy views of the Washington State University campus and downtown Spokane. Stroll along the waterfront and through the city's parks and paths.

This would be a particularly good thing in Spokane, WA, if you have kids in tow, do some child-friendly activities when you visit Spokane Riverfront Park with your kids.

There are so many wonderful parks in Spokane, and it will take several days to enjoy them all, but spend a full day here to see all the wonders and exhibits and learn a lot about Spokane's history. There are so many attractions and fun things to do that you will be spoilt for choice.

Visit Riverfront Park, go hiking, go shopping, enjoy the beauty of nature, visit the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, which has become a vibrant environment that won't blink your eyes. Located on West First Avenue in Spokane, Washington, the Northwest Museum has a great collection of art, culture and artifacts about Spokane's history and people. Spokane has some of the most beautiful parks in the United States and the world, such as the Spokane National Wildlife Refuge.

Having only opened in 2018, there are already some of the top things you can do in spokane when you're stoned. Spokane Raceway Park was once known for its fast and furious racing, but there are a lot of things to do around Spokane for those who love everything fast and furious.

Of all the fun things to do in Spokane, the Mobius Children's Museum is the easiest option for young children. It is designed as an interactive environment where children can learn about the history and culture of the world around them and their favorite animals and plants. There are many fun things to do around Spokane to satisfy every taste and bring back many memories. If you're looking for fun in the house or prefer to be outside, there are plenty of things you can do for children and adults outside Spokane.

Forget a little culture, there are many places in Spokane where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a little fun and adventure.

So your visit here should make a checklist of the best things to do in Spokane and be worth it. Certain routes, such as Palouse Falls, take you to the most beautiful and scenic places in Washington State, such as the Great Smoky Mountains, and there are many other great attractions and activities. If you have crossed out all of the attractions or activities in Spokane listed in this guide, you will enjoy your stay in a beautiful Washington city. So make sure you do the best you can in and around Spokane, Washington, to make the most of your visits and enjoy an unforgettable trip.

As a gateway to the northwest, it would be hard not to be inspired by the many attractions this gem has to offer. The Northwest Museum of Art and Culture is one of the best museums in the country and one that will amaze you. Spokane, Washington is a vibrant city with a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, museums and entertainment for all ages.

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