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Here are some of our favorite stores that go beyond the country to make the Northwest look great. Here's your guide to shopping locally this Christmas season and getting friends and family gifts that come from the heart. This small but powerful boutique consistently sells high-end clothing that is among the most fashionable in Spokane. The stylish boutique has everything from dresses to a wide range of accessories, from jewelry to handbags and accessories to accessories and more.

Shoppers can also purchase a wide range of high-quality clothing and accessories, as well as accessories for men and women. Also look for Spokane - themed mugs, handbags, necklaces, scarves, jewelry and more for your friends and family members.

Choose from a variety of screen prints to add a special touch to your home or office, and then buy classic accessories for your extra wardrobe. Here you will find local designers from all over the major PNW, specializing in T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats that celebrate the region. Look for a wide range of clothing and accessories for men and women, as well as accessories and clothing for children.

Also located on North Monroe Street is 1889 Salvage & Co., specializing in recycled and retro goods, furniture and silverware. The merchandise changes frequently and is highlighted, and owners often travel to shows in Seattle to pick the trendy pieces. There is a wide range of locally made furniture, accessories and accessories for men, women and children.

Describing the sibling similarities, I would say that the sister is a bit funkier downtown, with a penchant for premium brands. It's difficult to say which store to vote for because the collections are so good - curated. All clothing and accessories at this downtown Spokane boutique are delivered here.

You can buy Jenna's amazing creations directly from her website or find them on her website and also search her online store. Across the street from Nordstrom is Anthropologie, which specializes in high-end clothing and accessories, and Boutique Kloth, which offers a wide range of accessories for men, women and children. Just across the street from NorthTown Square, you'll find a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories and more.

There is a lot to see here, with extraordinary statement necklaces and clothing styles that you won't find in any department store. You can find an extensive list of my favorite places on my Instagram or in my blog from a recent visit to www.spokaneeat.net.

Named after the character in "Killing a Mockingbird" who collects unusual and crazy items, this novelty store is the perfect place to find a stock of strangled gifts for friends, family members and work colleagues. Atticus sells gifts and jewelry from local manufacturers, including a wide selection of T-shirts, hats, necklaces, jewelry and other items. At Boo Radley's, there's something for everyone, from vintage hats to funky T-shirt designs to more.

Sign up for our email list on our website to be the first to know about our new holiday launches, sales and much more! Mountain Gear's "Go-to Business Sale" kicks off on December 27 at 2109 and offers 20-50 percent off everything in store. We have a shop window at Fringe to move through the South Hill Rosauers, but we also sell products for junkies, friends and family.

Just outside the front door is the small coffee bar Kup, which is equipped with a few select tables and chairs to give tired feet a break from all the shopping.

Also downtown, the historic Steam Plantation Square has several boutiques, including White Lavender, specializing in home decor, gifts and apparel, French Toast, which sells children's clothing, toys, books and gifts, and products from Joanna Gaines's magnolia market. The complex has a Nordstrom rack where shoppers can find discounted items from the department store as well as a selection of discounted home decorations. There is also the General Store, also founded in 1946 and located on North Division Street.

A groovy dealer in the Garland District specializes in used vinyl, while Recorded Memories was founded in 1987 and is located on North Hamilton Street. Opened in 1989, the store specializes in used vinyl, vintage and vintage vinyl and CD's and more, in used vinyl records, CDs, books, toys, clothing, jewelry, electronics, home accessories and much more.

Ritters is a destination for plants, trees and shrubs, but they also have a wide selection of vintage clothing and accessories as well as a wide selection of other items. Far away offers botanically inspired gifts and goods for home, garden and garden center. Specializing in locally made items such as furniture, clothing, jewelry, accessories and much more, used records, CDs and CDs.

If you want to keep your dollars local, the online site fringecollection.com offers a wide selection of vintage clothing, accessories and more. With a location in Hayden, Spokane Valley, EyeGuys Optical lets you choose from a variety of eye color options for your eyes, and they help you decide whether it's a pair of eyeshadow colors, eye shadow, or even an eye patch. This is truly a work of art that you will cherish forever and there is an online shop where I like to shop. They have an amazing collection of natural materials used in everything from clothing and accessories to furniture, jewelry and other items.

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More About Spokane