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Whether you're exploring the compact downtown or enjoying the forest, the covered banks of Puget Sound are the perfect place to start the inevitable torrential downpours before they set in. Located a short drive from downtown Seattle and a few miles north of downtown Tacoma, this community makes running errands and appointments easy.

If you want to venture further afield, you can take advantage of the convenient location of the city to reach a variety of restaurants, shops and restaurants. This modern, spacious gated community is located in a prime community in Houston, Texas, and is in the heart of one of America's most desirable neighborhoods. Introduce your apartment search to the new Community Heights, make '02 Their life - in with a rent of $2,000 a month for a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

Tukwila is less than 10 minutes from the airport and offers a variety of high-end perks. From there, Airport Connection shuttles take visitors to San Jose Airport and from there to Seattle - Tacoma International Airport for quick access to downtown Seattle.

The Grove at White Oak Apartments is comfortable and located just a short walk from downtown, just a few blocks from downtown Tukwila and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Hiking / biking trails are just a few blocks away and restaurants and shops are within walking distance. As of June 20, 2020, the apartment is listed at 900 N, south of the Tacoma Convention Center and north of downtown Tacoma, for $890 per month.

A free hourly shuttle service is available throughout the day from the hotel and no reservation is required to take you to and from Tukwila International Airport, Tacoma Convention Center or Seattle - Tacoma International Airport.

This open tour - personal or virtual - is open to all, and we have everything you need to know about Spokane Washington Homewood Suites and their amenities.

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Heights 701 Apartments are located in Spokane City Park, Washington, USA, just outside downtown Spokane. This area has an excellent walk score, which means that it offers great views of the city, as well as the "City Park," which is the main content of Skip. The area of State College, PA, is a hiking area in itself, as is its proximity to the University of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State University campus. In the height of the castle you will also find the best views from the city center, but it is also a great place to shop, eat, shop and entertain.

The Heights Apartments are located in Spokane City Park, Washington, USA, just outside downtown Spokane. The Heights is truly one of the best housing options in Spokane and a great place to live.

The Heights apartment complex is within walking distance of the University of Washington and Spokane Convention Center. The Heights (2121) is also just a few blocks from Houston International Airport, making getting to Houston a breeze.

Money-conscious travelers can stay at a variety of cheap and friendly hotels near Seattle - Tacoma International Airport. Seattle hotels offer door-to-door transportation, as the city has a reliable light rail system that runs from downtown to Sea-Tac Airport. However, its popularity can make it difficult to find affordable hotels within walking distance of the University of Washington and the Spokane Convention Center. However, the Seattle Express Bus and Seattle Transit Authority offer door-to-door transportation to Mount Rainier Airport and other destinations in and around Seattle.

If you're after the nightlife of the Washington Corridor and want to spend your free time in the electronics shops and restaurants of the Heights, you'll love to return to the luxurious apartments of HiLine Heights. The Heights welcomes you to live and work downtown or to live in a luxury apartment on Park Lane, the city's most popular street. Heights Park Lane spans 20 stories of landscape and offers views of Mt. Rainier, Spokane River and Columbia River Gorge.

The community is located on West TC Jester Blvd and the sight of all the sights of the city is right on your doorstep. This is a beautiful property and your home is located on a secluded pond overlooking Mt. Rainier and the Columbia River Gorge. The location is just a few blocks from downtown Spokane and a short walk to the Spokane River.

The Princeton Mercer area is an idyllic area with many amenities including a beautiful park, beautiful parks and a private golf course, just a short walk from Spokane City and Columbia River Gorge. Parkland Heights Renaissance Point offers incredible amenities including an outdoor pool, pool house, tennis court, spa, fitness center, gym and more.

Located on the corner of Yale Street and 9th Street, this one-bedroom loft combines the modern amenities of a new building with a pretty traditional 19th century look. Heights Towne Lake living spaces have been carefully designed with comfort and convenience in mind, and furnished with the high quality materials and finishes that are found nowhere else in Spokane, Washington, not even in the city of Spokane.

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